Gvancccccccccccaaaa (GULI)



Here comes the moment we all have been waiting for a long time! It is our utmost pleasure to announce Ms. Valentina Mina (CY) as the President of Tbilisi 2017!

We are extremely proud to have such a dedicated alumna and an experienced EYPer as a head of the chairs team. Due to her indispensable skills and comprehensive knowledge, it is rational to say, that academic part of the session is in safe hands. Ms. Valentina Mina headed the chairs team as one of the Vice Presidents of Tbilisi 2013- 74th International Session of European Youth Parliament. Hence, her experience is boundless and her opportunities to make Tbilisi 2017 unforgettable is infinite.

With the President of the Session being announced, stay tuned for the further calls. Do not miss the chance to join the event of the year!