Look at these faces and observe them carefully, as you might not encounter such bright, hard-working, and dedicated individuals all together at one place, at one session! We feel confident of saying that without these people and their effort, Tbilisi 2017 would not promise to be this neat and sophisticated, as it is planned to be. Meet the pillar of the strength, spirit of whispering woods, Philosopher’s magic stone, and the secret recipe of a great session- The Organising Team!

The Group you see has been forming since last year and is complete now! Tamta and Zurab, for indeed, made great choices and brought the most unique faces to the team, which likewise is as diverse as their personal experiences and nationalities. They guarantee that the quality of the 86th International Session will be remembered for a long time, opening new chapter of EYP for the future events.

We assure that all of these faces have something new to offer, something that can be revolutionary at Tbilisi 2017. So, stay tuned and wait for more, as we are aware of your impatience for November!