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Call for Georgian Delegation to the 7th National Selection Conference of Ukraine 2013

EYP – Ukraine is happy to announce an open call for delegates for the 7th National Selection 2013, which is to take place in the beautiful city of Ivano-Frankivsk between 6th and 10th of February 2012.
The event will present a new approach to National Selection Conference in Ukraine, offering an intense 5-day programme consisting of a full day of Teambuilding, 2 days of Committee Work, and GA preparations day followed by a one-day General Assembly. The most talented and active delegates will be selected to represent EYP – Ukraine at International Sessions in Munich and Tbilisi and a number of international forums abroad.
Discussions in different committees will be united under one general topic of the Session “Value Europe”.Each of the 8 committees will be leaded by a couple of International and Ukrainian chairperson.
It is our utmost pleasure to have Mr. Andrea Stagni from Italy as a session’s President. Yegor Vlasenko and Nataliia Kalyn are the head-organisers of the session.

Please sent the emails to the EYP Georgia’s HR Committee at m.tchubabria@eyp.org.ge till 14th of December 00:00. 

Please bear in mind that you should cover your participation fee (40 EUR) and transportation expenses.

The application can be downloaded here!

For further information, view the Booklet

Call for delegates: 12th National Selection Conference of EYP Estonia

Dear Georgian EYPers,

This is your chance to participate as a delegate on the National Session in Estonia! See the call below:

EYP Estonia, better known as TEN or Active Estonian Youth, is happy to announce its 12th National Session, which will be held on October 22-25th 2011 in Tartu, the city of good thoughts, under the patronage of Eiki Nestor, MP.

The session will be presided by Mats Kuuskemaa.

The session will bring together about 160 youngsters, aged 15-19, from Estonia and the rest of Europe, in order to discuss on European matters, get to know each other and experience the unforgettable spirit of EYP sessions. The session will be held under the slogan United in Diversity! in order to promote the European citizenship, tolerance towards differences, the importance of human rights and to show young people that we can solve our common problems by co-operating.

Delegates are asked to arrive  in Tartu on Saturday October 22nd before 11.00 AM.

The participation fee for delegates is 15 euros. The organising panel cannot afford reimbursing your travel costs, these are at your own expense. The participation fee will cover your accommodation and meals.

You can download the Application here, which should be sent to applications@ten.ee the latest on the 25th of September 2011.

For further information or registration, please visit our webpage http://www.ten.ee/drupal/yritused/12thnational , contact Karin- Liis Lahtmäe, the organiser for foreign participants  karin-liis.lahtmae@ten.ee or 0037253412295.


Organising team


Pictures from II National Session of EYP Georgia, 2008

Enjoy the pictures from II National Session of EYP Georgia, which was held on June 21-22, 2008 in Tbilisi, Georgia

From II National Session – 2008, June 21-22, posted by Eyp Georgia Press on 1/10/2011 (118 items)

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