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Urgent Call for the Members of the Georgian Delegation to Transylvania and Moldova Regional Sessions of EYP Romania

Peles Castle, Sinaia, Transylvania, Romania (1)

EYP Georgia is happy to launch a call for the Members of the Georgian Delegation to the Transylvania and Moldova Regional Sessions of EYP Romania.

The Transylvania Regional Session will be held from 7th to 9th of November in the city of Busteni and The Moldova Regional Session will be held from 21st to 23rd of November in Oglinzi, Neamt County.

For more information about the Romanian Regional Sessions, please have a look at the official website of EYP Romania: http://www.eypromania.eu/en/

We are looking for young motivated EYP-ers who are eager to represent our organisation on an international level. If you consider yourself suitable for the position, please fill out the application form and send it to hr@eyp.org.ge by 18th of October, 20:00. The selected participants will be offered some travel reimbursement.

We are looking forward to reading your applications,


Urgent Call for the Members of the Georgian Delegation to Agora On Security Kyiv International Forum


Eyp Georgia is extremely excited to launch the call for the members of Georgian Delegation to the ASK 2014: Agora on Security Kyiv International Forum 2014 of the EYP Ukraine. 

ASK2014 will unite 150 Europeans in Kyiv on November 2-9 to “re:think security and hack old paradigms.” The session will be presided by Mr. Martin Hoffman (Germany).

EYP Georgia is looking for motivated and creative youngsters who are over 18 years old and would like to have the honor of representing our organisation on such an important event. Please do keep in mind that there is no participation fee and there is a travel reimbursement for up to 50 euros.

If you consider yourself suitable for this amazing opportunity, fill out the attached application form by August 30th, 22:00 and send it to hr@eyp.org.ge

We are looking forward to reading your applications!

Feelings before, during and after the International Session

By Ia Tserodze (Member of the Georgian Delegation, 69th International Session of EYP, Istanbul, Turkey)

It all started last summer… all of us being nervous and excited at the same time. I was shaking and holding my friend’s hand when the President of the session was announcing the names of those who were chosen for the IS. I could sense my friend squeeze my hand a little when his name was announced, although he kept his cool. I was just about to scream and hug him when my name was announced, which made me go nuts. It hasn’t sunk in even yet to be honest. So that was it. After months of waiting, weeks of preparation and days of anticipation, we were finally there, finally made it, all nine of us, at the biggest event of the year, at an International Session, holding hands and going… going only forward.

To be completely honest, my first reaction was: too many delegates. How on earth was I going to compete with them? All of them seemed a lot more experienced, confident, older and even higher than me. I have to admit it was pretty intimidating at first. But from the very first day everything started to go uphill. We had whole 2 days of teambuilding. Although we generally thought of ourselves as significant young diplomats, nobody was ashamed to run around in the garden acting like a ninja or roll in the grass like a toddler while the others were chasing the ducks.

After I saw the pictures of other delegates from teambuilding, I was just incredibly thankful that I had a lazy journo.

After a dozen of memorable moments and shared laughs, we were ready to start some serious work: whether about immigration, unemployment or the economic crisis. I can only describe the 3 days of committee work with one adjective: LONG. Even though all of us were prepared, it still turned out that we had much to learn. Frankly speaking, I’ve never been so delighted and relieved at the same time about the finished resolution before.

However, the most important part was yet to come. Ladies and gentlemen, the highlight of the event was exactly the last two days of the session. Her Majesty: The General Assembly. Please look up every synonym of anxiety in the dictionary, because that was exactly how I felt. 220 delegates, chairs, journalists, editors, organizers, guests, teachers, the board, the governing body. All of their eyes on us… And when the President announced that it was time for the committee of LIBE, I nearly fell from my chair. Note for self: Bad idea to wear high heels! But at that very second I realized something, this was it. The make it or break it moment. I might not have been given this opportunity ever again in my life. So I sat up in my chair, listened, responded and then rose up, went to the tribune and started my very first summation speech at the International Session. I knew exactly what to do. I knew exactly what to say. And after that all was a blur, the last thing I remember is my friend’s nod of approval, my chair’s slight smile and the applause…. The applause and the cheers, which I could still hear in the plane, despite the loud noise of the engines. And now that I’m here, now that all of us are here, nothing but the memories remain… but the memories which will stay forever…

Georgian delegation back from ATHENS 2011

Having an expression of pure rapture on their faces, all seven members of Georgian Delegation seem to be floating on air after coming back from the 66th International Session of European Youth Parliament. As they claim the session was really outstanding in all aspects as it was the perfect mixture of both fun and academic work. They say the session provided them with amusing teambuilding games, dazzling performance at Euro-concert, really delicious Euro-village, excellent opportunities to enjoy the surroundings and, of course, the highest academic level of the General Assembly.

The 66th International Session of EYP was held during 1-10th of April with the help of the very hospitable and helpful organizers from all over the EYP-world, who really gave a red-carpet treatment to all the delegations. Getting started in the little and beautiful city of Loutraki, where all the academic preparations were made for the GA – the most crucial part of the session, all the delegates and officials moved to Athens. After the awe-inspiring sightseeing tours around the Athens it was time to get ready for the extremely rewarding part of those amazing 10 days.  GA, which took place in the Old Parliament of Greece, gave all the attendants the chance to get actively involved in open debates, make very convincing speeches, gain abundance of knowledge and enrich their experience.

After discussing the 15th resolution drafted during those 10 days, this brilliant session was officially closed. The farewell party summarized all 10 days work and fun and made everyone come together and socialize once again before the departures. It was the most emotional and warm evening during the whole session, as lots of sincere friendships started there. Thanks to the whole officials team the session was amazing and unforgettable for every single attendant.