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Call for delegates: 12th National Selection Conference of EYP Estonia

Dear Georgian EYPers,

This is your chance to participate as a delegate on the National Session in Estonia! See the call below:

EYP Estonia, better known as TEN or Active Estonian Youth, is happy to announce its 12th National Session, which will be held on October 22-25th 2011 in Tartu, the city of good thoughts, under the patronage of Eiki Nestor, MP.

The session will be presided by Mats Kuuskemaa.

The session will bring together about 160 youngsters, aged 15-19, from Estonia and the rest of Europe, in order to discuss on European matters, get to know each other and experience the unforgettable spirit of EYP sessions. The session will be held under the slogan United in Diversity! in order to promote the European citizenship, tolerance towards differences, the importance of human rights and to show young people that we can solve our common problems by co-operating.

Delegates are asked to arrive  in Tartu on Saturday October 22nd before 11.00 AM.

The participation fee for delegates is 15 euros. The organising panel cannot afford reimbursing your travel costs, these are at your own expense. The participation fee will cover your accommodation and meals.

You can download the Application here, which should be sent to applications@ten.ee the latest on the 25th of September 2011.

For further information or registration, please visit our webpage http://www.ten.ee/drupal/yritused/12thnational , contact Karin- Liis Lahtmäe, the organiser for foreign participants  karin-liis.lahtmae@ten.ee or 0037253412295.


Organising team


Call for participants for the 2nd NSC of EYP Slovakia

Dear EYPers,

European Youth Parliament Slovakia is delighted to announce that the call is now open for journalists and international delegates at its National Selection Conference.

Those interested in attending, should sign up here

Journalists: http://nsc.formees.com/f/journo-1/, before 26th September 2011
Delegates: http://nsc.formees.com/f/int-1/
, before 9th October 2011.

(Information booklet is attached at the application from.)

The selection panel will be made up of the Session President (Sandra Stojanovic). All applicants will be informed of the result of their application. Deadline is approaching, so please be quick!

We are asking you to forward this massage to your Alumni and delegates to reach great international team for our session.

We would urge you to apply to what promises to be a truly memorable session in a beautiful city that is easily accessible. We look forward to reading your applications and hopefully seeing you in October. 

Should you have any questions, please contact the organizers at nsc@eyp.sk

Call for participants for Batumi 3rd International Forum

Dear all,

EYP Georgia is more than happy to announce that call for participants for Batumi 3rd International Forum is officially opened!
The twenty years of EYP tradition have produced a format that gives us a steady ground to build on and also to innovate. It also poses us with a challenge – a challenge to meet the standards and expectations of the EYP Community, but the enthusiastic group of organizers with the official support of the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of Georgia, promise that the session to be unforgettable.  We hope that our concentrated effort will produce yet another great session in the history of EYP Georgia.

Under the theme “Youth Voting For Peace “, Batumi’11 will cover traditional EYP methodology and offer diverse cultural activities. The organizing team is happy to announce that each selected participant will be provided with accommodation in 5 star hotel in Batumi in mid August (12-16) throughout the session days and cover all internal costs during the event. All EYP countries are encouraged to get involved, so spread a word to everywhere outside and throughout the country and apply now!

We are happy to announce that selected officials from Georgia should pay only 40 euros and foreign officials – 50 euros, for Georgian delegates it costs 50 euros, when for foreigners should pay only 70 euros.

Deadline for board members is 30th of May, but for officials 5th of June.

Delegates should apply before 12th of June.

Online applications are available here:

·        Application Form for Delegates

·        Application Form for Jounos and Editors

·        Application Form for Chais, Vice President and President

In case of having questions do not hesitate to contact us: infobatumi@eyp.org.ge

Kind Regards,

Mariam Chikhladze and Vakhtang Tsanava,

Head Organizers of Batumi 3rd International Forum

Call for Officials/Delegates for the Rustavi 1st Regional Session

European Youth Parliament Georgia is very happy to announce the OPEN CALL for Officials and Delegates for 1st Rustavi Regional Session. You will experience the international atmosphere and special glamour at this session.

Application forms for officials/delegates of RGS (Rustavi Regional Session) can be found below.
Deadline for delegates is 2nd of May and for officials 1st of May. Apply at: eyprustavi@gmail.com

EYP Georgia wishes you good luck…

Call for Participants for TSUniversal Session of EYP Georgia

Dear Friends

“European Youth Parliament – Georgia” with the support of University Self-government is holding its first session in Tbilisi State University on the 29th, 30th of April and the 1st of May. The main theme of the session will be: “Security and Peace.” The session will gather approximately 70 delegates, majority of whom will be from Tbilisi State University, but bear in mind, that delegates from other universties will be choosen as well.

We are very pleased and more than happy to announce call for delegates, chairpersons, journos, editors and board members.

You can download the Application here

and send it to tsuniversalsession@gmail.com

Please, pay attention on the deadlines which are given in application form!

Wish you good luck!

Deadline for President and Editor: 8th of April
Deadline for Vice-presidents, Journalists and Chairpersons: 15th of April
Deadline for Delegates: 16th of April

17th Regional Session of EYP Poland in Krakow

Dear all,

EYP Poland is delighted to announce that the 17th Regional Session of EYP Poland is to be held in Krakow between 5th and 10th May 2011.

The event will gather approximately 130 participants who will come together to discuss current political issues in the EU. The Session will be organised under the theme of ‘7 years after the biggest enlargement of the European Union’. It will be presided by – Mr. Nedim Malovic from Sweden.

Delegates will be divided into committees, which will discuss issues concerning current political situation, economics, and sociocultural aspect of our lives. Session programme will include the regular EYP elements: Teambuilding, Committee Work, and the General Assembly.

All EYPers who would like to participate in the event in the role of delegates are more than welcome to apply!

Georgian delegation will participate in this wonderful session, so don’t loose your chance to participate and apply now!

The deadline for applications is Thursday, 31st March. We are looking for Vice-Presidents, Chairpersons, Editor/Editors, Video Editor and Journalists. The selection panel will consists of the President of the session and Editor for chairs and journalists respectively, The Head Organiser of the session, and The Board of EYP Poland. All applicants will be informed individually about the outcome of the selection by 16th March 2011.

We are waiting for your applications at 17.regional.krk@gmail.com

Please send to us filled application form (can be downloaded here) and wait for the outcome of your application.

Along with sending your application to organizers, please register at EYP Georgia’s foreign delegation base, in order to be an official member of Georgian delegation and to be supported by our delegation coordinator.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Organisers at: 17.regional.krk@gmail.com,

or EYP Georgia at info@eyp.org.ge

Call for officials for the Private Schools’ Session

Hey active and not so active EYP-er if  you are suffering from PED it is a brilliant chance for you to be involved in one of the most amazing Session ever held by EYP Georgia. We are pleased to announce the official call for the chairpersons, board, jurnos and editor for the upcoming Private School Session, which will be held in Tbilisi 18th-20th of February.
All of you are encouraged to apply for these positions and send filled application (Please see attached documents) to the e-mail:school@eyp.org.ge

Application for Chairpersons and Board Members

Application for Journalists and Editors

The deadline for sending applications is 14th of February.

For additional information please see the Info Sheet below
Head organizers of the session:
Kristina Margevlasvhili
Iese Patiashvili