Session Concept

The National Committees and the International Office organise almost 500 events annually, all run by voluntary young people.

For the duration of the Session, the participants are divided into international working groups (committees) that draft resolutions on their respective topics. In these groups, the task of the young people is to come up with their own suggestions and ideas for Europe’s most pressing challenges. The results are then presented and debated in a parliamentary assembly at the end of the Session.

Through its sessions the EYP aims at promoting active European citizenship, intercultural dialogue and European values. Sessions increase the participants’ knowledge about Europe’s cultural diversity, prepare them for active participation in society, contribute to the development of their personal skills and provide a forum for debate and reflection on current topics of European politics.


         TB TeambuildungDuring Teambuilding, the participants, in their respective committees, learn to know each other through a series of activities and games.
Committee WorkThroughout Committee Work, the delegates analyse the topic of their committee, identify the problems surrounding it and discuss solutions to these issues. The output of Committee Work is a written resolution. CW
GA1 General AssemblyThe last part of every session is a General Assembly (GA). In GA, the committees come together to present and debate the resolutions they wrote. In the end, the resolutions are put to a vote.