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EYP Session types

The main activities of the European Youth Parliament are “sessions”. These events bring together over 30,000 young people per year to discuss, build mutual understanding and gain expertise. A welcoming environment and experience-based methodology offer participants a safe space to develop and express their opinions, build intercultural understanding and develop democratic citizenship skills. EYP sessions vary in length from 2 hours to 10 days. Debates cover a wide range of topics – often related to international politics or human rights, but also including fields such as climate change, health and energy.

The EYP does not reflect specific country positions or promote existing policy proposals. In all debates, it is participants’ opinions that matter. Guided by peer moderators, young people take part in a series of activities.

Regional Selection Conference

Typically 3 day events, that include Teambuilding, Committee work and General Assembly. Mostly they represent a great platform for new experiences in the organisation.

National selection conference

National Selection Conferences in EYP Georgia typically last for 4 days which include one day for Teambuilding, two days for Committee Work and finally the General Assembly. As the name suggest, Representatives of EYP Georgia - the Georgian Delegations are selected through these events.

international forum

Large scale events that can last from 5 to 10 days. They are unique for the multi-cultural diversity of participants - both officials and the delegates.

international session

EYP organises three international nine-day sessions each year. Most National Committees are represented by their National Delegations selected though selection conferences or an application selection process. Unlike most of the other types of sessions, the ISs are supervised by the International Office, located in Berlin, Germany.


Kobuleti Outreach Session taking place during 4th to 6th of October and Akhaltsikhe Outreach Session taking place during 11th to the 13th of October will be small-scale events of EYP Georgia. The sessions will include a day of Officials’ Training and the other two days will cover Committee Work, Teambuilding and General Assembly.

14th National Selection Conference of EYP Georgia will be held in the western Georgian city of Kutaisi on December 20-23, 2019 for delegates. The session will gather up to 200 participants from all over Europe to discuss some of the most pressing issues of our time.

The programme includes one day of Teambuilding, two days of Committee Work and a day of General Assembly. 

The session will host delegates from different European countries and have an international team of Officials. The Georgian delegations at the session will be selected for Milano 2020 – 92nd International Session of the EYP in Italy, Warsaw 2020 – 93rd International Session of the EYP in Poland and Nicosia 2020 – 94th  International Session of the EYP in Cyprus.