Afer disclosing the Chairs’ team to you, it is time to announce the Editor of Tbilisi 2017. Meet Mr. Dimitris Davris, the person with life-time experience, as the leader of the Media Team!

We are excited to see what Dimitris has to offer to the session, and we are sure that the output of his team will be groundbreaking! As the Deadline for the Editorial Assistants and Journalists is 25th of September, you still have time to apply!

Exclusively for you, Mr Editor of Tbilisi 2017 has something to share:

“Dear potential applicant,
You have made the first step in making the 86th International Session of the European Youth Parliament a session to be remembered for the years to come, and for that, I congratulate you. The Media Team can have a vast impact on the overall experience of the participants, create memories and conceptualise moments. But is it just that, or is there something beyond? What we are looking for is individuals with diversified set of skills and characteristics, a mix of backgrounds and experiences; individuals that will have the freedom to carry out projects, have a space for personal growth and development, but first and foremost, bring their own perspective into the session.
Dimitris Davris”

Log in to your account and send your application here:

Once again, do not hesitate to apply! You might be the lucky one to join the team, which is a precursor of productivity, efficiency and fun, with Dimitris heading it!