Peace, Stability and Advancement: Core Principles to Settling International Disputes

EYP is all about looking through a binocular- viewing the world around us with both of our eyes wide open. However, the guideline, which helps utilise a binocular, involves going through several steps. The first step is sensing- looking at the problem and noticing the threat. Such an observation brings us to the second stage of perception- realising the depth of the problem and brainstorming the ideas towards the possible paths of elimination of the issue. The third step is using the knowledge, experience (gained through the binocular), and personal possibilities to solve the problem. EYP is all about how we, the youngsters of Europe, take the concerns close to our hearts and strive towards resolving current political, social and economic problems of national levels that directly or indirectly affect all of us. Thus, EYP is all about inter-nationality, all about us.

Tbilisi 2017 has one of these binoculars in its hands and offers each and every participant of the session to hold it, comprehend the steps of its manual, and at the end of the event, get their own binocular to share with others. This is the reason why the session chose such an all-embracing theme of preventing international conflicts.

A tool towards a globalised, advanced, and democratic society can be invented through a smooth interconnection of Peace, Stability, and Advancement. These three pillars build their efficiency upon each other, as one’s success guarantees the security for the others. Today’s world is in need of building new relationships, keeping countries together, and undermining fundamental principles of freedom, safety and equality that the 21st century has to be based on.

Tbilisi 2017 has set a goal to implement the democratic values of a true European in all of its international participants and raise their voice, gather their strength, and take a step forward towards settling the disputes that bother us due to the lack of Peace, Stability, and Advancement.