Host City

The 86th International Session of European Youth Parliament will take place in a magnificent country of Georgia, which is known for its ancient history, abundant traditions, splendid and diverse nature, and a magnificent capital city-Tbilisi, which tends to be a host city for 86th International Session, Tbilisi 2017.


Tbilisi is the largest city of Georgia with a population of 1.5 million people. In some countries Tbilisi is also known by its former name Tiflis, which was founded in 5th century and since has served as a capital city for a numerous Georgian kingdoms and republics. As Georgia is a crossroad between Europe and Asia, you will encounter people of multiple cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds, though it is currently overwhelmingly Eastern Orthodox Christian.Tbilisi is home to several major institutions of higher education including the Tbilisi State University, which is the oldest university in the whole Caucasus region.


Thousands of tourists who visit Tbilisi every month do not travel hundreds and thousands of killometers without a reason. The beauty of the city makes everyone fall in love with the country of Georgia. A smooth mixture of Old, Traditional, Neoclassical, Byzintine, Middle eastern and Modern architecture along with the main landmarks of National museums, governmental buildings and unique temples, distinguishes Tbilisi from other cities of Europe.