Call for participants for Batumi 3rd International Forum

Dear all,

EYP Georgia is more than happy to announce that call for participants for Batumi 3rd International Forum is officially opened!
The twenty years of EYP tradition have produced a format that gives us a steady ground to build on and also to innovate. It also poses us with a challenge – a challenge to meet the standards and expectations of the EYP Community, but the enthusiastic group of organizers with the official support of the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of Georgia, promise that the session to be unforgettable.  We hope that our concentrated effort will produce yet another great session in the history of EYP Georgia.

Under the theme “Youth Voting For Peace “, Batumi’11 will cover traditional EYP methodology and offer diverse cultural activities. The organizing team is happy to announce that each selected participant will be provided with accommodation in 5 star hotel in Batumi in mid August (12-16) throughout the session days and cover all internal costs during the event. All EYP countries are encouraged to get involved, so spread a word to everywhere outside and throughout the country and apply now!

We are happy to announce that selected officials from Georgia should pay only 40 euros and foreign officials – 50 euros, for Georgian delegates it costs 50 euros, when for foreigners should pay only 70 euros.

Deadline for board members is 30th of May, but for officials 5th of June.

Delegates should apply before 12th of June.

Online applications are available here:

·        Application Form for Delegates

·        Application Form for Jounos and Editors

·        Application Form for Chais, Vice President and President

In case of having questions do not hesitate to contact us:

Kind Regards,

Mariam Chikhladze and Vakhtang Tsanava,

Head Organizers of Batumi 3rd International Forum