10th National Selection Conference in Tbilisi


10th National Selection Conference was held from 11-14 December, 2015 in the city of Tbilisi. The session gathered 120 participants, including high-school and university students from all over Georgia.

The Head-Organisers of the session were Ms. Elene Minashvili and Mr. Amil Karaev. The Organising Team was composed of the following youngsters: Ms. Ani Machaidze, Ms. Ekaterine Orjonikidze, Mr. Elvin Guliev, Mr. Luka Lomtadze, Mr. Nikoloz Ginturi, Mr. Oto Asatiani, Ms. Salome Bladadze, Mr. Zviad Jolokhava and Mr. Zaur Sofiev.

The session was presided by Ms. Ia Tserodze and vice-presided by Mr. Mighel Molenkamp and Mr. David Plahl. The names of Chairpersons are as follows: Ms. Ani Bukia, Ms. Anna Roinishvili, Ms. Ann Iosebidze, Mr. Arman Gasparyan, Ms. Saga Smith, Mr. Sandro Beraia, Ms. Tamta Tsveraidze and Mr. Zain Mumtaz.

The Editor of the session was Mr. Zurab Giorgobiani. The Editorial Assistants were Ms. Tamar Simonishvili and Ms. Elene Ambidze. The following individuals attended the session as Journalists: Ms. Anna Kantaria, Mr. David Robakidze, Ms. Rusudan Manveli, Ms. Sopo Tsertsvadze, Ms. Tato Garuchava and Ms. Veronika Mchedlishvili.

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