Our Team

European Youth Parliament – Georgia (EYP Georgia) is a non-governmental organisation the work of which is fully based on young volunteers. The structure of the EYP Georgia is democratic and simple – all the youngsters that attend the events of the organisation are considered, generally, participants. In order to become a member of EYP Georgia, an active volunteer needs to wait for the Call for National Committee Members (members of the organisation) and apply. The selection panel consists of 5 Board Members. The Board of EYP Georgia is the supreme governing body of the organisation. Its members are selected through online, anonymous elections’ system. Only members of the National Committee (thus the organisation) are eligible to vote. The Board is selected for the term of one year. Its members lead the respective committees on Fundraising and Finances, Public Relations and Communication, Outreach and Inclusion, Human Resources and International Relations. The President of the organisation leads the Board and is a legal representative of the NGO together with the Vice-President. All the members of the National Committee are eligible to express its will to join the Board.

Board Announcement-Recovered

Previous Boards of EYP Georgia:

Natia Jokhadze (President)
Anna Roinishvili (Vice-president)
Iovan Kurua
Mariam Paghava
Irakli Grdzelishvili

Mariam Demetrashvili (President)
Tina Dolbaia (Vice-President)
Tamta Tsveraidze
Zurab Giorgobiani
Matte Dvalishvili

Koka Kapanadze (President)
Mariam Chaduneli (Vice-President)
Giorgi Gugenishvili
Giorgi Metskhvarishvili
Matte Dvalishvili

Zurab Pirtskhalaishvili (President)
Koka Kapanadze (Vice-President)
Veriko Devidze
Sopho Otiashvili
Mariam Maisuradze

Mariam Chubabria (President)
Akaki Kukaleishvili (Vice-President)
Mariam Tirkia
Salome Kandelaki
Tamar Chubabria

Mariam Chikhladze (President)
Asmat Naskidashvili (Vice-president)
Giorgi Samkharadze
Ani Nozadze
Tinatin Janjgava
Davit Makashvili

Teona Lavrelashvili (President)
Giorgi Samkharadze (Vice-President)
Vakhtang Lomjaria
Giorgi Chitidze
Mariam Chikhladze
Ani Chkhikvadze
Tinatin Janjghava

Vakhtang Lomjaria (President)
Teona Lavrelashvili (Vice-President)
Tornike Zurabashvili
Nana Maisuradze
Tornike Metreveli
Sandro Jupalakiani