European Youth Parliament (EYP) started its activities in Georgia in 2007 as an initiative group which was later recognized as a full member of the organisation in 2008 (April), at the Prague International Session. European Youth Parliament – Georgia, also related to as EYP Georgia, has been officially registered since 2009 and continues its volunteer work throughout the country. Currently, EYP Georgia is one of the 40 National Committees of the network.
First steps weren’t easy for new-founded organisation but desire, devotion and experience of Georgian youngsters from International Sessions and small financial assistance from supporting foundations served for the development of the organisation. British Global Opportunity Fund financed Georgian delegates, who participated in Regional Sessions in Poland, Latvia and Ukraine during 2007-2008. As a result, approximately 35 Georgian earned necessary experience for developing EYP on the national level.
Georgia managed to find its place beside the other European countries, which is proved by permanently increasing number of Georgian participants on the international level.
It is worth mentioning that since its establishment, EYP Georgia cooperates with public and private schools and universities in Georgia and recruits the youth willing to join the platform for debates.