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Call for the Media Team












As we have already closed the call for the Chairs’ team, it is time to gather the most vibrant participants of the session- The Members of the Media Team! Editor(s), Editorial Assistants, and Journalists- it is your turn to impress us!

If you can do magic with your camera and beguile everyone with your creativity and motivation, this chance is for you! Join Tamta and Zurab, the Head Organisers and Valentina Mina, the President of 86th International Session of EYP, and embellish the team of officials with your power!

The Call is open for the Editors until 18th of September. Once they are selected, they will select their Editorial Assistants and Journalists, for whom the application period ends on the 25th of September.

Log in to your account and submit your application throught the website:

We wish you the best of luck!

The Last Call for the Organisers

The text you already noticed on the picture is neither a hallucination nor a delusion, that you thought your mind made up. The chance you thought you missed forever, showed up once again. So this time, make a right choice, grab the opportunity of joining the Organisers’ team of Tbilsi 2017!

We launch the very LAST call for the organisers. So, if you are a determined, motivated, and enthusiastic EYPer, let us hear from you! Join our Head-Organisers, Tamta and Zurab, to assemble such a flagship event. The organising team, which has been working on 86th International Session of EYP for more than a year now, is happy to meet new members of the officials team.

Log in to your account and apply till 18th of September and, remember, this is your last chance!

Life often leaves us astonished, they say, and when it gives you an organisers’ call, fill it in! Receive this surprise call as a gift and build up your next few months with hustling spirit of Tbilisi 2017!

We wish you the best of luck!


One last Reminder for the Call of Officials



Clock is ticking and here comes one last reminder to traverse that malicious hesitation you have; rather open your computer and fill out the application as there might be a spot for you in the teams that are impatiently waiting for Vice Presidents, Chairs, and Editor(s).

Before you postpone sending your application till the very deadline, we have a great news for you! The organising team of Tbilisi 2017 is selflessly working to guarantee partial travel reimbursements for both Chairs Academic Training and the session itself. Now you know, this is a chance you cannot miss, right?

For the information about the call, please, follow the link below:
Deadline: August 21st, 12:00 CEST (noon)

We are looking forward to reading your applications, as you still have more than 24 hours left.

We wish you the best of luck!

Reminder of the Call for the Officials of Tbilisi 2017


Do you see these focused EYPers who are sunk in thoughts, contemplating on something extremely important? Do you want to feel the same significance and pleasure, which comes only thrugh working at EYP sessions? Then this post is just right for you!

We are thrilled to remind you that the call for the Vice-Presidents, Chairpersons, and Editor(s) is still open. You can join the session as an official and make a huge contribution to the efficiency and productivity of its other participants.

If you think you can accept the challenges of Tbilisi 2017, then hesitate no more! Apply as an official and join this ground-breaking event, which will, for indeed, leave a revolutionary trail on EYP history.

For the information about the call, please, follow the link below:
You can apply through the Members’ Platform of the EYP.
Deadline: August 21st, 12:00 CEST (noon)

We wish you the best of luck!

Call for the Officials



With the #EYPThrowback to the Chairs Academic Training of Tbilisi 2013 – 74th International of the European Youth Parliament, which took place at the International Office of the network in Berlin, we would like to launch the call for Chairpersons, Vice-Presidents and the Editor(s) of Tbilisi 2017!

You now have the opportunity to join the International Team of Officials and contribute to the success of the flagship event of the EYP taking place in November. Join the session President Valentina Mina as well as the Head-Organisers Zura Giorgobiani and Tamta Tsveraidze to make the 86th International Session of the European Youth Parliament (EYP)an unforgettable experience for almost 250 youngsters from all over Europe.

For the information about the call, please, follow the link below:
You can apply through the Members’ Platform of the EYP.
Deadline: August 21st, 12:00 CEST (noon)

We are looking forward to receiving and reading your applications!

The President of Tbilisi 2017- Valentina Mina

Gvancccccccccccaaaa (GULI)



Here comes the moment we all have been waiting for a long time! It is our utmost pleasure to announce Ms. Valentina Mina (CY) as the President of Tbilisi 2017!

We are extremely proud to have such a dedicated alumna and an experienced EYPer as a head of the chairs team. Due to her indispensable skills and comprehensive knowledge, it is rational to say, that academic part of the session is in safe hands. Ms. Valentina Mina headed the chairs team as one of the Vice Presidents of Tbilisi 2013- 74th International Session of European Youth Parliament. Hence, her experience is boundless and her opportunities to make Tbilisi 2017 unforgettable is infinite.

With the President of the Session being announced, stay tuned for the further calls. Do not miss the chance to join the event of the year!

Who is the Board of the Session?




Apart from the Head Organisers- Tamta and Zurab- whom you are already very familiar with, and who are leading the team of dedicated organsiers, there is another team, which is ensuring the academic standards of the session meet the criteria set by the International Office of European Youth Parliament. At each session, the Chairs team, which serve as team leaders in the committees, is there to excel the expectations of making the session educational and informative as well as guarantee the delegates are getting the best out of the experience.

The Chairs’ team is led by the Board, which is consisted of a President and two or three Vice Presidents. They are the ones, who work on the Session Theme, come up with the final versions of the Committee Topics and facilitate the job of the Chairpersons.

Tbilisi 2017 is thrilled to have a President, who has already been in Georgia before and probably has already tried a throne of the board at the previous International Session held in Tbilisi in 2013. Are you already intrigued enough? Are you curious who the President of this flagship event of 2017 is? Stay tuned and check our Facebook page regularly, as we will announce the President of Tbilisi 2017 in just a few hours!