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List of the complete news in EYP Georgia as well as important events throughout Europe.

The Media Team


From now on officials’ team is complete! Meet the brightest addition to the session, the team of cherry-on-top, the Media Team!

These imaginative, creative, and talented individuals are the ones who will provide the session with positive vibes and keep us hyped. They will be there to grip every moment of your session memories and convert them to a real masterpiece.

The Media Team is led by Dimities Davris, who, for indeed, made a rational decision in selecting his Editorial Assistant and Journalists. Let’s wish them a productive output and may their liveliness be ever along with us!

Get ready and start to count down the days! Tbilisi 2017 is about to start!




The Organising Team



Look at these faces and observe them carefully, as you might not encounter such bright, hard-working, and dedicated individuals all together at one place, at one session! We feel confident of saying that without these people and their effort, Tbilisi 2017 would not promise to be this neat and sophisticated, as it is planned to be. Meet the pillar of the strength, spirit of whispering woods, Philosopher’s magic stone, and the secret recipe of a great session- The Organising Team!

The Group you see has been forming since last year and is complete now! Tamta and Zurab, for indeed, made great choices and brought the most unique faces to the team, which likewise is as diverse as their personal experiences and nationalities. They guarantee that the quality of the 86th International Session will be remembered for a long time, opening new chapter of EYP for the future events.

We assure that all of these faces have something new to offer, something that can be revolutionary at Tbilisi 2017. So, stay tuned and wait for more, as we are aware of your impatience for November!




Mr. Dimitris Davris – The Editor of Tbilisi 2017


Afer disclosing the Chairs’ team to you, it is time to announce the Editor of Tbilisi 2017. Meet Mr. Dimitris Davris, the person with life-time experience, as the leader of the Media Team!

We are excited to see what Dimitris has to offer to the session, and we are sure that the output of his team will be groundbreaking! As the Deadline for the Editorial Assistants and Journalists is 25th of September, you still have time to apply!

Exclusively for you, Mr Editor of Tbilisi 2017 has something to share:

“Dear potential applicant,
You have made the first step in making the 86th International Session of the European Youth Parliament a session to be remembered for the years to come, and for that, I congratulate you. The Media Team can have a vast impact on the overall experience of the participants, create memories and conceptualise moments. But is it just that, or is there something beyond? What we are looking for is individuals with diversified set of skills and characteristics, a mix of backgrounds and experiences; individuals that will have the freedom to carry out projects, have a space for personal growth and development, but first and foremost, bring their own perspective into the session.
Dimitris Davris”

Log in to your account and send your application here:

Once again, do not hesitate to apply! You might be the lucky one to join the team, which is a precursor of productivity, efficiency and fun, with Dimitris heading it!

Meet the Chairs’ Team!



We are thrilled to inform you that the President of Tbilisi 2017, Valentina Mina, will be accompanied by her chosen ones! These bright faces you see on the picture are the Chairpersons who have an immense source of creativity and experience to share! Their passion for the EYP is, truly, exemplary and might be contagious to others! Putting their astonishing minds together, you will believe in miracles, as the team of such intelligent, dedicated, and diverse individuals guarantee that the academic part of the session is in safe hands.

We believe that their motivation and dedication will colour the session environment with the warmest and brightest tints. Cheers to the complete Chair’s Team and do not forget that the deadline for the Media Team Members is 25th of September!




Call for the Media Team



As we have already closed the call for the Chairs’ team, it is time to gather the most vibrant participants of the session- The Members of the Media Team! Editor(s), Editorial Assistants, and Journalists- it is your turn to impress us!

If you can do magic with your camera and beguile everyone with your creativity and motivation, this chance is for you! Join Tamta and Zurab, the Head Organisers and Valentina Mina, the President of 86th International Session of EYP, and embellish the team of officials with your power!

The Call is open for the Editors until 18th of September. Once they are selected, they will select their Editorial Assistants and Journalists, for whom the application period ends on the 25th of September.

Log in to your account and submit your application throught the website:

We wish you the best of luck!

The Last Call for the Organisers

The text you already noticed on the picture is neither a hallucination nor a delusion, that you thought your mind made up. The chance you thought you missed forever, showed up once again. So this time, make a right choice, grab the opportunity of joining the Organisers’ team of Tbilsi 2017!

We launch the very LAST call for the organisers. So, if you are a determined, motivated, and enthusiastic EYPer, let us hear from you! Join our Head-Organisers, Tamta and Zurab, to assemble such a flagship event. The organising team, which has been working on 86th International Session of EYP for more than a year now, is happy to meet new members of the officials team.

Log in to your account and apply till 18th of September and, remember, this is your last chance!

Life often leaves us astonished, they say, and when it gives you an organisers’ call, fill it in! Receive this surprise call as a gift and build up your next few months with hustling spirit of Tbilisi 2017!

We wish you the best of luck!


One last Reminder for the Call of Officials



Clock is ticking and here comes one last reminder to traverse that malicious hesitation you have; rather open your computer and fill out the application as there might be a spot for you in the teams that are impatiently waiting for Vice Presidents, Chairs, and Editor(s).

Before you postpone sending your application till the very deadline, we have a great news for you! The organising team of Tbilisi 2017 is selflessly working to guarantee partial travel reimbursements for both Chairs Academic Training and the session itself. Now you know, this is a chance you cannot miss, right?

For the information about the call, please, follow the link below:
Deadline: August 21st, 12:00 CEST (noon)

We are looking forward to reading your applications, as you still have more than 24 hours left.

We wish you the best of luck!