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Throwback of Head-Organisers

TamtaZura1Our Head- Organisers, Tamta Tsveraidze and Zura Giorgobiani are currently attending an event in Berlin, Germany, where they met up with the whole team of Chairpersons and representatives from the International Office of EYP.With all the academic staff getting ready for the session, let’s look at how it all started. Our beloved head organiser, Tamta, shares the story of how Tbilisi International Session embarked on and got sophisticated time by time.“It just happened that Zurab and I were both elected as the Board Members of EYP Georgia for the term of 2015-2016. It was a year of the firm beginning of the BASES and we had to pop in quickly as there were four projectw that we had to organise within less than five months. By pure coincidence, we were already selected as the Head-Organisers of two different projects of relevant range – 9th National Selection Conference and 6th International Forum in Tbilisi. After that, the journey began! It was right after we were finished with the whole post-project process, when we felt brave enough to dare and apply for hosting the 86th International Session of the network – in only four years from hosting the event for the first time. It was a great challenge both for Georgia, as the developing country of the East, and the National Committee itself. However, we got in touch with our partners, consulted with the Project Coordinator – Stefan Vandenhende – and put together a plan that became a tie between the two International Sessions. This link is exactly where the decision about the Session Logo came from.
By hosting yet another flagship event, not only we wanted to challenge ourselves but show the rest of the network that a tiny post-soviet country of Georgia ( not Atlanta, Georgia, for sure) can develop from year to year and have an actual impact on the network. The round date of 30 is yet another reason for celebration.

By hosting 86th International Session we, simultaneously, celebrate the success of the organisation, which brought a lot of new to our lives, and we would like to share it with the rest of Europe.

#Throwback to when we received the call from the meeting of the Governing Body of the organization. We clearly remember the following words “If you have no plans for November 2017, you now have to Head-Organise the 86th International Session”. And that was not the minute we realised what we had put ourselves into; in contrast, the consciousness is yet to come, probably somewhere by the end of November, the time we will face that another chapter of EYP has just been closed in our lives.

How do we see the session and what are our expectations? To be honest, we cannot set the standards nor imagine what it will look like for the participants. It is always difficult to predict what the others feel about something that you have been working super hard on, especially in EYP. The only thing that we know for sure is that together with the Organising Team, we have put a lot of trust, time, energy and emotions into this event. We took the responsibility and came within reach of the start of the session. We are ready to meet the participants and read those mysterious expressions on their faces that only delegates can make- conveying judgement and delight at the same time.”

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Call for the Officials



With the #EYPThrowback to the Chairs Academic Training of Tbilisi 2013 – 74th International of the European Youth Parliament, which took place at the International Office of the network in Berlin, we would like to launch the call for Chairpersons, Vice-Presidents and the Editor(s) of Tbilisi 2017!

You now have the opportunity to join the International Team of Officials and contribute to the success of the flagship event of the EYP taking place in November. Join the session President Valentina Mina as well as the Head-Organisers Zura Giorgobiani and Tamta Tsveraidze to make the 86th International Session of the European Youth Parliament (EYP)an unforgettable experience for almost 250 youngsters from all over Europe.

For the information about the call, please, follow the link below:
You can apply through the Members’ Platform of the EYP.
Deadline: August 21st, 12:00 CEST (noon)

We are looking forward to receiving and reading your applications!

For Ia Tserodze #EYPimpact is Fighting for More than Ordinary

Ia tserodzeWe are extremely proud of the alumni who have represented our National Committee at International Sessions as officials. Ms. Ia tserodze  was one of the International Chairpersons at Leipzig 2015- 80th International Session of European Youth Parliament. Her inspiring point of view about EYP is, for indeed, worth reading.

“ EYP taught me that no thought can ever be ideal, so we might as well say what we think is worth fighting for.

I remember being asked to describe my vision for the future of the European Union in one sentence. If you similarly inquired now, seven years later, my response would remain unaltered: “My vision rests within the hope that one day I get to answer the same question as a citizen of the EU.”

EYP, to me, is not about change — it’s about expansion. It did not change my vision, but taught me how to be assertive and confident in it. EYP formed my dreams into lucid, attainable goal. It taught me how to cherish my European values, but also showed me how core values are not necessarily European, but human. It taught me how to turn an impasse into an asset. It taught me that it is better to fail at originality than succeed at imitation.

And it convinced me that I have every right in the world to not settle for the ordinary. “

#EYPimpact as a “Rewarding Addiction” for Tina Dolbaia

Tina dolbaiaThe landmark series of Georgian #EYPimpact continues with Ms. Tina Dolbaia who served as the Vice President of EYP Georgia and led the team of Human Resources in 2015-16. Check out how she shares her “rewarding addiction” to EYP with us!

” I joined EYP in 2012 and it is quite fair to say that from then on, for the consecutive 4 years, I became addicted to it. However, EYP turned out to be a very rewarding addiction as in exchange for many tiresome days spent on planning, organising, analysing or editing I acquired valuable knowledge and experience that fostered my professional and academic growth both within and outside of this organisation. Though, what I value the most is strong, lifelong friendships that I managed to build and that put a big, nostalgic smile on my face every time I think of EYP.”

A Lifetime #EYPimpact on Giorgi Gugenishvili

Giorgi gugenishvili

#EYPimpact is all about what alumni absorb from being a part of the organisation, which changes lives in different ways. Mr. Giorgi Gugenishvili, who was a board member of EYP Georgia in 2014-15, talks how EYP builds individual worth and at the same time develops skills to work in groups. He also explains how these two great values secure each other’s success altogether.

“EYP has given me enough lessons to last a lifetime, but the main takeaway for me has to be the reaches and limits of my self-dependence. It simultaneously has helped me gain enough confidence to take on the world alone and has taught me how a group of hard-working, like-minded people can maximise not only your level of productivity but also the amount of fun you can have even with seemingly mundane tasks. You can do it all yourself, but you don’t have to.”

#EYPthrowback to when Tbilisi 2017 was just a Blueprint


It is rational to continue the series of throwbacks with a memory of how EYP Georgia was granted an opportunity to host 86th International Session of European Youth Parliament in our beautiful country of Georgia. We asked our Ex-President, Ms. Mariam Demetrashvili, who lead the National Committee of EYP Georgia in 2015-2016, to recollect how the planning of such a large-scale event embarked on back in February of 2016.

Read what she has to share with us:

“It certainly is gratifying to be able to observe the process of Tbilisi 2017’s preparation. Especially since the session was officially granted to the National Committee of EYP Georgia during my presidency. Recalling the time, when our Board was selflessly working on the bid, which we later on submitted to the International Office, definitely brings back some of the best memories. It truly started with a will to once again challenge ourselves and eventually transformed into the most prominent experience. It is without doubt, a tremendous success, which proves how far the National Committee of EYP Georgia has come.
With 4 more months to go, it is safe to say that Tbilisi 2017 will be a spectacular event!”

#EYPimpact on Mariam Chaduneli

mariam chaduneli (1)We asked an experienced alumna, Mariam Chaduneli, who served as Vice President of EYP Georgia in 2014-15, to tell us a little bit about the impact EYP had on her life. Here is what she shared with us:
“After meeting and working with so many bright, skillful and open-minded individuals I told myself, these are the people you’ll have to compete with on a labour market, so you better be really good if you don’t want to be unemployed.

On a more serious note, I’m genuinely grateful to EYP for giving me an opportunity to visit places, discuss things and meet people I would have never met otherwise, because those places, conversations and people shaped me into who I am today.”