Call for Georgian Delegation to the 7th National Selection Conference of Ukraine 2013

EYP – Ukraine is happy to announce an open call for delegates for the 7th National Selection 2013, which is to take place in the beautiful city of Ivano-Frankivsk between 6th and 10th of February 2012.
The event will present a new approach to National Selection Conference in Ukraine, offering an intense 5-day programme consisting of a full day of Teambuilding, 2 days of Committee Work, and GA preparations day followed by a one-day General Assembly. The most talented and active delegates will be selected to represent EYP – Ukraine at International Sessions in Munich and Tbilisi and a number of international forums abroad.
Discussions in different committees will be united under one general topic of the Session “Value Europe”.Each of the 8 committees will be leaded by a couple of International and Ukrainian chairperson.
It is our utmost pleasure to have Mr. Andrea Stagni from Italy as a session’s President. Yegor Vlasenko and Nataliia Kalyn are the head-organisers of the session.

Please sent the emails to the EYP Georgia’s HR Committee at till 14th of December 00:00. 

Please bear in mind that you should cover your participation fee (40 EUR) and transportation expenses.

The application can be downloaded here!

For further information, view the Booklet