Daily Archives: August 3, 2017

Who is the Board of the Session?




Apart from the Head Organisers- Tamta and Zurab- whom you are already very familiar with, and who are leading the team of dedicated organsiers, there is another team, which is ensuring the academic standards of the session meet the criteria set by the International Office of European Youth Parliament. At each session, the Chairs team, which serve as team leaders in the committees, is there to excel the expectations of making the session educational and informative as well as guarantee the delegates are getting the best out of the experience.

The Chairs’ team is led by the Board, which is consisted of a President and two or three Vice Presidents. They are the ones, who work on the Session Theme, come up with the final versions of the Committee Topics and facilitate the job of the Chairpersons.

Tbilisi 2017 is thrilled to have a President, who has already been in Georgia before and probably has already tried a throne of the board at the previous International Session held in Tbilisi in 2013. Are you already intrigued enough? Are you curious who the President of this flagship event of 2017 is? Stay tuned and check our Facebook page regularly, as we will announce the President of Tbilisi 2017 in just a few hours!