17th Regional Session of EYP Poland in Krakow

Dear all,

EYP Poland is delighted to announce that the 17th Regional Session of EYP Poland is to be held in Krakow between 5th and 10th May 2011.

The event will gather approximately 130 participants who will come together to discuss current political issues in the EU. The Session will be organised under the theme of ‘7 years after the biggest enlargement of the European Union’. It will be presided by – Mr. Nedim Malovic from Sweden.

Delegates will be divided into committees, which will discuss issues concerning current political situation, economics, and sociocultural aspect of our lives. Session programme will include the regular EYP elements: Teambuilding, Committee Work, and the General Assembly.

All EYPers who would like to participate in the event in the role of delegates are more than welcome to apply!

Georgian delegation will participate in this wonderful session, so don’t loose your chance to participate and apply now!

The deadline for applications is Thursday, 31st March. We are looking for Vice-Presidents, Chairpersons, Editor/Editors, Video Editor and Journalists. The selection panel will consists of the President of the session and Editor for chairs and journalists respectively, The Head Organiser of the session, and The Board of EYP Poland. All applicants will be informed individually about the outcome of the selection by 16th March 2011.

We are waiting for your applications at 17.regional.krk@gmail.com

Please send to us filled application form (can be downloaded here) and wait for the outcome of your application.

Along with sending your application to organizers, please register at EYP Georgia’s foreign delegation base, in order to be an official member of Georgian delegation and to be supported by our delegation coordinator.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Organisers at: 17.regional.krk@gmail.com,

or EYP Georgia at info@eyp.org.ge