12th National Selection Conference Of EYP Georgia – Call For The Delegates


Ladies and Gentlemen ! This is the moment you’ve been waiting for! Today you’re the witness of GRAND opening of the CALL for delegates of 12th National Selection Conference of EYP Georgia!

This is an opportunity of the year for you ! Dear potential delegate, have a chance of attending the flagship session of European Youth Parliament , which will bring 350 young minds of the European Union and it’s partner countries in Tbilisi on Tbilisi 2017 – 86th International Session of the European Youth Parliament.

So get your laptops, stickers, markers, pens and pencils and be ready to be the most ACTIVE and SHARP delegate of all and APPLY for 12th NSC of EYP Georgia !

APPLICATION FORM : https://goo.gl/Rdmmwv

DEADLINE : Sunday, July 23rd, 23:59 CEST.